Husky telling hooman he is afraid of the water


Husky telling hooman he is afraid of the water


  1. Go go go

    I’m telling you Billy, my fur is going to clog the filters!

    Just go!

    Remember how much fur was in the kitchen?!

    Go go go

    You hate unclogging the shower, this is going to be 10x worse!

    It’s fun, go!

    Well, I warned you, I’m going to go join my friends now, bye.

  2. I would have loved to understand what the actual complaint the dog has is. It could be “no dude, this water doesn’t fucking smell right, Todd. This is not healthy, man!”

  3. Some dogs don’t have the right body structure to swim. They might be too fat, have too much muscle mass at one end, or their fur might cause too much drag making it exhausting to move a meter. Some dogs anticipate this and know they won’t be able to swim.

    I had a pitbull that had the middle problem. He was all ass. So he couldn’t tread water like a normal dog, his rear end just sank no matter what. He was an overconfident idiot though and thought he could swim anyway. So we got him a lifejacket 🙂

  4. I apologize if this has been stated and I missed it but that’s an Alaskan Malamute. The plume tail that is hidden for most of the video is the key piece of evidence. Huskys have a brush tail. That’s just one of the tell tale (tail ;)) signs.

    Source: Very happy Malamute parent. Check out my post history for Banner’s handsome and adorable photos.


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