Submerging a grape in tremendous chilled water.


Submerging a grape in tremendous chilled water.


  1. Replace water with cocktail and grape with canned peach.

    Serve with dry ice.

    Sell in a bar/pub.

    Would make a great best seller in summer or even winter if the room temperature is high.

  2. I did not know of this phenomenon until last winter when I went out to my car and saw a bottle of water unopened, on the seat. It was waaay below freezing and I thought that was odd. I picked up the bottle of water, looked at it and dropped it by mistake (mittens). It immediately turned to solid ice and I thought I was going crazy or something. Mentioned it at work, and someone in my hive mentioned the phenomenon. I have been trying to recreate ever since.

    TL;DR: Freaky stuff if you never saw it before and didn’t know the phenomenon existed.

  3. There’s a similar thing that can happen with superheated water. Where it’s still, but the moment you put something in it, it violently explodes. The only thing is, it has to be very pure water, because water with any kind of impurities will boil before it can become superheated.

    Here’s the [Mythbusters episode]( where they confirmed it.

    Edit: Please don’t try this.


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